Purchase Order Management Apps On Shopify Reviewed | Why Prediko Wins

By Youri Moskovic
Last Updated:
April 18, 2024

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A simple search for purchase order management apps in Shopify App store throws up 1000+ options.

To help you navigate through all the best possible options, we have compiled a list of the best Purchase Order Management Shopify Apps for 2024.

These Shopify apps have been carefully selected based on their features, user reviews, and overall performance. Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, these apps streamline your entire purchase order management system workflow.

At Prediko, we believe that we have created a Shopify app that caters to both SMBs as well as large D2C brands on Shopify for creating, tracking and managing purchase orders. That’s why we have kept ourselves at the top of the list.

Here are the rest of the top 10 Shopify apps for Purchase Order Management in 2024

1. Prediko’s AI Inventory Management App

5.0 star rating on the Shopify App Store

Here is a quick video walkthrough of Prediko

Features that set apart Prediko from rest of the purchase order management apps in the Shopify ecosystem

  1. Import your entire raw materials catalogue. Search all raw materials in one place, and reduce stock issues for efficient operations
  2. Keep your product inventory in sync with changing raw material inventory, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling.
  3. Track raw material inventory for each of your store locations optimizing production processes.
  4. Create Bill of Materials (BOM) to link your raw materials with your finished goods
  5. Create, track and manage your production orders with real-time SKU update. 
  6. Create a proper procurement plan for your Shopify brand.

2. Auto Purchase Orders

Auto Purchase Orders helps you to create, manage, email, and track all of your purchase orders in one place.

auto purchase order management app for Shopify

Main features of this Shopify app

  • It is straightforward to receive inventory from your POs
  • It allows brands to manage suppliers, or vendors
  • Forward POs straight to your suppliers via email

3. Ultimate Purchase Orders

Ultimate Purchase Orders helps you to create, manage, send & track Purchase Orders (POs) with easy efforts

ultimate purchase order management app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Brands can easily streamline their purchase order management process.
  • Create professional purchase orders and packing slips, run dropshipping, manage suppliers, and receive incoming inventory all in one app
  • Additional features such as email sending, inventory tracking, and customizable templates

4. Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus

This Shopify app helps D2C brands create purchase orders (PO) & restock inventory

mimoran purchase order app for Shopify

Main features of this Shopify app

  1. This app enables you to receive purchase orders partially or fully
  2. This Shopify app allows for transfer of products to different locations
  3. It is straightforward to create manual purchase orders for suppliers and restock inventory.

5. Easy Purchase Orders

It enables your customers to create professional purchase orders within Shopifyt.

easy purchase order shopify

Main features of this Shopify app

  • This Shopify app allows businesses to add a purchase order option to their cart page for customers.
  • Purchase orders are saved as draft orders directly inside Shopify admin.
  • The Shopify app allows for complete customization of purchase order PDF and email templates.

In addition to PO management, we have also reviewed and compiled the list of best Raw Materials management Shopify apps for D2C brand in 2024

6. Full Shelf Purchase Orders Shopify App

Create purchase orders directly for your products. Save time receiving inventory with just a few clicks.

full shelf purchase order management app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • The Full Shelf Purchase Order management allows for creation and sending of purchase orders to your suppliers.
  • Automatically restock inventory quantities when a Purchase Order is received
  • Ability to customize Purchase Orders (POs) and create POs directly from Shopify orders.

7. Purchase Management Shopify App

Purchase Management Shopify App helps you to add multiple suppliers. Assign the products to suppliers & request purchase order from them.

purchase management Shopify app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • This app helps D2C brands to manage purchase orders and incoming shipments.
  • Add and assign suppliers and set quantity limits for purchase orders.
  • Track purchase orders in transit and suppliers can accept or reject purchase order requests.

8. StockSavvy Barcode Scanning

This Shopify app helps you to scan barcodes, create purchase orders and print labels.

stocksavvy barcode scanning shopify app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Create and track your purchase orders.
  • The software provides a dashboard displaying low inventory and top-selling items.
  • Allow brands to create purchase orders, and print product labels, improving the efficiency of inventory management and purchase ordering processes.

9. Inventory Planner Forecasting

Inventory Planner app can help you create, track and manage purchase orders within Shopify.

inventory planner and purchase order app Shopify

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Customizable purchase orders for D2C Shopify brands
  • Send your purchase orders and production orders via email
  • Save time when you are looking to create purchase orders

10. Purchase Order Automation

This app helps in having a purchase order workflow for your Shopify store

purchase order automation Shopify

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Forward your purchase orders to suppliers
  • Hold incoming orders and review them before placing a purchase order.
  • Place purchase orders via FTP

Ending our review of Shopify's premier purchase order management apps for 2024, we strong recommend the use of the right software in enhancing your brand's ability to order, track, and manage purchase orders within Shopify itself.

It's also important to find the right Shopify app to forecast your inventory to meet the requirements of your brand.

Prediko offers a full featured 14-Day trial to try out the whole purchase order workflow in our app.
Our guided onboarding is designed to address your D2C brand's purchase order management problems effectively.

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