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Jessica Warch, founder at Kimaï
Shoutout to the Prediko team. Our forecasting is more accurate and our buying calendar is clearer than before which helps us to give our suppliers more visibility on orders.
Jessica Warch
Founder at Kimai
Anna Laura Hoefer, founder at RipaRipa
Since using Prediko we better organise our supply chain; we do not risk being sold out on our bestselling products anymore
Anna Laura Hoefer
Founder at RipaRipa

Some frequently asked questions

Do you offer free trial ?

Yes the first month is free of charge and we support you to connect your store and configure your account.

How many SKU’s, stores and warehouses can I connect ?

You can connect an unlimited amount of SKUs, stores, and warehouses. There’s no limit!

What e-commerce platforms do you integrate with ?

We integrate with Shopify for now. Amazon will be next!

Can you build something for me ?

We work very closely with you to build the features you need to better manage your inventory. Let us know what you need by getting in touch.

How do you charge me ?

We charge you every month via credit card, on the day you subscribed to our service.

I’d like to know more. Can I reach out to you ?

Contact us on Intercom (bottom right of your screen) or send us a demo request and we’ll be with you shortly!