Best Raw Materials Inventory Apps for Shopify in 2024

By Youri Moskovic
Last Updated:
April 18, 2024

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Keeping track of raw materials is often overlooked by Shopify apps that more focussed on inventory. Raw material inventory apps help Shopify D2C brands or businesses streamline their manufacturing or production processes. See the interactive demo of the top rated app & software for raw material management

At Prediko, we think all raw material solutions on the app store are amazing. But we've worked really hard to be at the top because we genuinely believe our app is the best for raw material management and operations for Shopify D2C brands.

Here are 10 apps that make it to the list of Top 10 Shopify apps for Raw Material Management in 2024

1. Prediko’s Shopify App

5.0 star rating on the Shopify App Store

What makes Prediko different from rest of the raw material apps in the Shopify ecosystem

  1. Import your entire raw materials catalogue. Search all raw materials in one place, and reduce stock issues for efficient operations
  2. Keep your product in sync with changing raw materials, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling.
  3. Track raw materials for each of your store locations optimizing production processes.
  4. Create Bill of Materials (BOM) to link your raw materials with your finished goods
  5. Create, track and manage your Production orders with real-time SKU update.

Here is our list of the top inventory management solutions on Shopify and apps in case you want to connect your raw materials to inventory.

2. Materials Inventory Shopify App

Materials Inventory Shopify app is a raw material management software for makers & manufacturers

raw materials inventory shopify

Main features of this Shopify app

  • This raw material Shopify App helps businesses manage their raw materials and product inventory
  • The app prevents overselling by updating the Shopify inventory
  • Users can plan ahead by having access to raw material information for bundles, products, and raw materials.

3. Craftybase - Manufacturing app

Craftybase is an app designed for small businesses to track their raw materials and finances

craftybase manufacturing app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • It allows users to manage manufacturing workflow, including raw materials, recipes, production runs, and product stock.
  • It has features like Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) tracking, users can make informed business decisions and save time during tax season.
  • Track raw materials, recipes, components, batches, products

4. Simple Material Shopify App

Simple Material is a Shopify app that helps with product management and raw material management

simple material inventory app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Create and maintain raw materials inside the app
  • Configure the usage of the raw materials of products
  • Adjusting the raw material calculates the product

5. Material Manager Shopify App

Sync your product and raw material with help of this app

material manager shopify app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Search all of your raw materials in one place
  • Track raw material for each of your stores locations
  • Simplify your raw materials workflow

We have also compiled a list and reviewed the best purchase order management apps for D2C on Shopify App Store

6. Centro

Centro Platform is a raw material software designed to enable forecasting and procurement.

centro inventory management app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Track and purchase your right raw material and finished goods within Shopify
  • Create, track and manage production orders to take control of your business
  • Reports for raw material management for your D2C brand

7. IndiaMART Product Sourcing

IndiaMart helps you to post requirements and get quotes from suppliers

indiamart product sourcing app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Direct raw material sourcing from manufacturers & wholesalers 
  • Purchase from many raw material product categories
  • Post your raw material requirements and get in touch with many suppliers

8. Products Sync Master

Products Sync Master frees you from manually managing your raw materials catalog

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Import or export your entire raw material collection in the catalog 
  • Configure scheduled tasks for import or export of raw materials
  • Update all necessary data for your raw materials

9. Sumtracker App

Sumtracker is a Shopify sync app that helps with raw material management

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Manage raw materials for your bundles
  • Manage Production Orders and know when to raw material stock based on lead time and alert thresholds.
  • Manage raw materials for multiple locations

10. Inventora

Inventora software for manufacturers and makers looking to track raw materials and more

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Businesses can now manage their raw material
  • Integrations with other apps to ensure that raw material is always available
  • Manage supply & production orders, understand unit costs, perform audits, and more.

Concluding our list of top Shopify raw material management apps for 2024. We know how critical the right tool is for brands to order, track and manage raw materials for their finished goods.

Once you have find the right raw material management app, also find the right inventory tracking app for your D2C brand.

At Prediko, we offer a Full Featured 14-Day Trial so that you make an informed decision.
Our guided onboarding aims to clarify how we solve all your raw materials management issues for D2C brands.

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