Inventory Forecasting Software & Apps for Shopify | Shortlisted for 2024

By Youri Moskovic
Last Updated:
April 11, 2024

A simple search for inventory forecasting software in the Shopify App store shows more than 500+ options

That's why we have created an interactive list of top inventory forecasting software and apps for D2C and retail brands. Use the jump links to quickly navigate to a software of your choice.

It's important to get an accurate inventory forecast for the whole year. Such forecasts help in reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking. 

We have tried and tested each app in this list. See the interactive demo of the best available inventory forecasting app in 2024 over others.

We have gone through the options and narrowed it down to Top 10 for 2024. Please note that some of these software and apps might not be available on Shopify

 best inventory forecasting software for Shopify

At Prediko, we believe that we have created a Shopify inventory forecasting app that caters to both SMBs as well as large D2C brands to accurately predict demand and help optimise stock levels.

That’s why we have kept ourselves at the top of the list. 

5 Top Rated Shopify apps for Inventory Forecasting (as per reviews)

1. Prediko’s AI Inventory Management App

5.0 star rating on the Shopify App Store

best inventory forecasting software app

Features that sets apart Prediko from rest of the inventory forecasting apps & software

  1. An AI-powered software that accurately predicts future demand for your products based on historical data and trends. Our forecasting model factors in a lot of inputs.
  2. Quickly reorder quantity calculation. Automatically calculate the quantity of products to reorder based on demand forecasts and stock levels.
  3. Set different lead times for each product or supplier to account for variations in shipping and production.
  4. Download reports of your forecasts and demand plan based on historical data 
  5. Get low stock alerts and tie them to your inventory forecast. Receive notifications when inventory falls below a specified threshold.

2. Bee Low Stock Alert & Forecast

This Shopify app helps you to calculate reorder quantities and forecast inventory for the rest of the year. 

bee low stock alert forecasting

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Create scheduled alerts when your inventory forecast falls down below the threshold. 
  • Get sales and inventory forecast reports with export functionality
  • Our forecasting module also takes into account the sales velocity of the product. 

3. Inventory Forecasting Hero

This inventory forecasting Shopify app helps you to forecast your inventory well ahead of time. 

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Save time and money by streamlining the forecasting process.
  • Maximize profits & minimize waste by always having the right forecast
  • Get reorder quantities and deadlines for each product

4. Stockbot Inventory Forecasting

Forecast your customer demand and get your reorder quantities. Also set low stock alerts.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Identify slow-moving products, allowing you to make decisions on whether to continue stocking them or adjust your inventory strategy
  • Prevent dead stock and tie up capital in overstocking by accurately forecasting replenishment quantities
  • Avoid the hassle of manual calculations

5. Monocle AI inventory forecasts

Revolutionise eCommerce with AI: Save time, cut costs, boost sales.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Use forecasting to tap into emerging opportunities and optimize their average order value
  • Data-driven forecasts enable businesses to make decisions about safety stock
  • Eliminate the need for manual forecasting and saving valuable employee hours

Here is a list of top Inventory management apps & software for Shopify in 2024

6. Cogsy

This inventory forecasting app helps you with demand planning for whole of the year

Main features of this Shopify app

  • This inventory forecasting software is tech stack agnostic. This software integrates with the ops tools you’re already using. 
  • This software helps brands and businesses to bring inventory forecasts and operations into clear view
  • Cogsy’s inventory forecasting helps you to achieve greater agility, alignment, and control throughout your brand.

List of software outside of Shopify for Inventory Forecasting for D2C brands and businesses

1. Thrive Technologies

Thrive Technologies specialises in demand forecasting and replenishment software that helps brands optimise their inventory performance.

thrive technologies inventory forecasting

Main features of this software

  • Cloud-based solution that caters as a inventory forecasting software for both retailers and wholesalers
  • Thrive's systems analyse and monitor over 40 supply and demand variables for inventory forecast
  • Get lower stockouts, more adaptability to supply and demand, and initiate conversations between sales and operations teams

 2. GMDH Streamline

GMDH Streamline helps businesses with inventory forecasting by giving in-depth analytics

GMDH Streamline inventory forecasting software

Main features of this software 

  • The software can integrate demand forecasting and inventory planning.
  • Users have the option to upload inventory data, allowing the software to create a just-in-time purchase plan and forecast for your inventory
  • This software also gives visibility into supply chain planning

3. Netstock

This software supports inventory forecasting and planning for your ERP.

netstock inventory forecasting

Main features of this software

  • This software uses data to provide forecasting recommendations and help you maximize your inventory investment.
  • Streamline the procurement and distribution of products
  • Demand planners can gather and analyze information about seasonal fluctuations and market trends to create forecasts

10. Megaventory

Megaventory is cloud-based inventory forecasting software solution that helps retailers manage online inventory, fulfil orders, & streamline manufacturing processes.

megaventory inventory forecasting software

Main features of this software

  • This software has one of the most comprehensive reports for inventory forecasting
  • Retailers that use this software have access to valuable data that can be used for inventory planning and demand forecasting
  • The inventory forecasting feature of this app takes into account important metrics such as gross profit, inventory value, and product availability 

So in this list, we've gone through all the top inventory forecasting software for businesses in 2024. Before you start work on forecasting, it's also important to select the right inventory accounting app for your business.

Choosing the right app is important to get the right forecast for your inventory, so that’s why we offer a 14-day Free Trial with all the features.

Our onboarding process is customised to help you tackle inventory forecasting challenges faced by D2C businesses today.

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