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By Youri Moskovic
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July 9, 2024

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Inventory tracking apps offer stock tracking features, barcode scanning capabilities, and integrations with other Shopify apps and softwares, making them great choices for D2C brands or businesses looking to streamline their inventory tracking within Shopify.

A quick search on Shopify App store for “inventory tracking” shows a result of more than 600 apps.

At Prediko, we believe that all inventory tracking app on the Shopify app store are worth celebrating. However we have kept ourselves at the top of this list because we believe that we have created an app that truly caters to all tracking and syncing needs of a Shopify D2C brand and keeps your inventory operator on top of inventory health and SKU levels

Celebrating 10 apps that make it to the list of Top 10 Shopify apps for Inventory Tracking in 2024

1. Prediko's AI Inventory Management App

5.0 star rated Shopify App

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Features that set apart Prediko from other inventory tracking apps in the Shopify ecosystem

  • Inventory levels and movement are tracked in real time. This helps to prevent stockouts and overstocking.
  • Track inventory across multiple stores and warehouses to maintain accurate stock levels.
  • Generate detailed reports on inventory levels, movement, and valuation to make informed restocking decisions. Export them to CSV or PDF
  • Receive notifications when inventory levels fall below a specified threshold to prevent stockouts.
  • Combine tracking along with forecasting to predict future inventory needs.

We offer a 14-day free trial to help you get started with inventory tracking or switch from your existing app or software. 

Other benefits of an inventory tracking app

  • Barcode scanning:  Efficiently track & manage inventory by scanning barcodes for accurate stock counts.
  • Multi-channel sync: Sync inventory across multiple sales channels, such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more, to maintain accurate stock levels

Here is a list of the remaining inventory tracking apps for Shopify

2. Katana Manufacturing ERP

Katana is an inventory tracking app that tracks inventory levels & manages all sales on the cloud.


Main features of this Shopify app

  • Get centralized view of your inventory, allowing for efficient and streamlined management
  • Maintain optimal stock levels and avoid running out of popular items with stock level monitoring
  • Enhance stock inventory with Bill of Materials(BOM) and product recipes, enabling precise tracking and planning.


3. QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce provides the capability to track and manage products across various channels.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Keep track of your inventory ensuring that you have the right amount of stock available.
  • Avoid stock shortages & customer dissatisfaction by being aware of inventory levels and prevent understocking.
  • Prevent overstocking & associated costs by using inventory calculator

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4. Syncio Multi Store Sync

Syncio Multi Store Sync App helps you to track inventory, product details, orders, and payouts between multiple stores.


Main features of this Shopify app

  • Easily manage inventory across different locations and send stock to specific locations.
  • Keep product details consistent across all stores, including images, prices, tags, and descriptions.
  • Streamline order processing and fulfillment by syncing orders and tracking information
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5. Connected Inventory ‑ InsCoder

Connected Inventory enables synchronization of inventory levels for brands across products, variants, and bundles.


Main features of this Shopify app

  • Easily keep track of your inventory in across all your products and variants.
  • Avoid overselling or running out of stock by updating inventory levels.
  • Customize and bundle products to offer unique combinations and promotions.

6. SyncLogic

SyncLogic tracks products from store to store. Manage multiple stores or wholesale to retail connections.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Save time by managing all your stores and products in one central location.
  • Streamline your wholesale orders and invoicing processes through Shopify.
  • Ensure that product details, inventory levels, and other updates are quickly and accurately synced across all subscriber stores.

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7. SimpleSync

simplesync invenory tracking app

SimpleSync is app that helps with inventory tracking for two or more products based on their SKU.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Simplify inventory management by keeping track of all identical products in one central location.
  • Target specific demographics and offer tailored product pages
  • Ensure accuracy and avoid overstocking or running out of a popular item

8. Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner is a forecasting solution designed for e-commerce and multichannel merchants.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Get forecasting and analysis to help merchants make inventory tracking decisions.
  • The software syncs with sales history and vendor lead time for tracking
  • Using Inventory Planner, merchants can avoid stockouts, optimize cash flow, and avoid tying up cash in underperforming products.

9. Skubana (Now Extensiv Order Manager)

Skubana is an order and inventory management software that provides strategies and visibility across sales channels.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Provides centralized platform for managing all aspects of order and sales activity, inventory, and fulfilment strategies.
  • The app offers workflow of routine tasks and ability to build order manipulation rules, ensuring efficient order handling and notifying users.
  • The app allows for seamless management of multiple sales channels, providing complete visibility on orders, inventory, and fulfilment activities.

10. Veeqo Inventory & Shipping

veeqo inventory tracking app

Veeqo is a multichannel tracking and shipping app that provides the lowest shipping rates and offers up to 5% back.

Main features of this Shopify app

  • This app offers access to discounted shipping rates from major carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • The app allows for real-time order management and streamlined shipping processes.
  • Multichannel shipping software updates inventory levels across online stores

We have now covered all the best inventory tracking apps available in the Shopify ecosystem for 2024. Selecting the appropriate app for tracking inventory is a significant decision, which is why Prediko offers a full featured 14-day free trial.

While you are fixing your problem of tracking inventory, see why a top inventory management app should be important for your business.

Our onboarding process is customised to help you see our approach to overcoming the inventory tracking challenges faced by D2C brands in the current market.

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