Easy Guide to Creating Bill of Materials (BOM) for Shopify D2C Brands

By Youri Moskovic
Last Updated:
July 4, 2024

Imagine you're putting together a complex puzzle. In manufacturing, the Bill of Materials (BOM) is like the picture on the puzzle box. It shows you what the final product should look like and what pieces you need.

We quickly cover how to create, why BOM is crucial, and how you can use it to make things easier and cheaper, getting your products ready faster.

What is Bill of Materials (BOM)?

Think of a BOM as a unique shopping list for making a product. It lists down everything you need, like materials and parts, along with the right instructions on how to put all of them together.

There are different kinds of BOMs used at various stages of making a product, from designing it to actually building it.

Each type of BOM is tailored to meet the needs of different teams working on the product.

Why Bill Of Materials Matters in Making Things

A bill of materials helps in bringing clarity, managing stock, and figuring out costs. A well-made BOM makes sure you have everything you need when you need it without wasting time or money.

A well made BOM makes sure you have everything you need, when you need it, without wasting time or money.

How to Create a Bill of Materials Appropriate for D2C Manufacturing

1. Start a clear and complete list with all the items required.

2. Add the information about where to get each item and how many you need - Supplier & Quantity

3. The issue with creating a Bill of Materials manually or even in Excel is that it requires regular upkeep and people waste time on doing that.

For a high-growth brand, time is money. It’s better to invest in an app that actually helps you to quickly generate BOMs based on your raw materials and also manage them in a single place.

Changes happen often and it's essential to make sure every person on your team sees the latest version. Also, making sure that BOM works and integrates well with other systems in your business. But these challenges are easily manageable in a modern-day inventory management solution like Prediko. It just takes 3 steps to quickly create a Bill of Material within Prediko.

Managing BOM in the Time of Fast-Moving & High-Growth D2C Brands

The future is exciting. With new apps in the Shopify ecosystem with their own proprietary AI, creating and managing BOMs would become streamlined and automated (internet-connected devices).

All these new generation apps make it easier to keep track of materials, predict needs, and even spot problems before they happen, keeping the production line running smoothly.

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