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Last Updated:
April 18, 2024

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Accounting for your inventory can be a time-consuming and tedious task, but with the help of technology, it doesn't have to be. That’s where Inventory accounting apps help businesses. 

Inventory keeping apps gives your accounts and finance team the features they need to stay organised and avoid wasting revenue when it comes to overstocking or improve cash flow through staying on top of backorders.

We share the top 10 inventory keeping apps & software that are available in the Shopify ecosystem as well as outside it.

1. Prediko’s AI Inventory Management App

5.0 star rating on the Shopify App Store

best inventory accounting app in Shopify

Here is a quick video walkthrough of Prediko

Features that set apart Prediko from rest of the inventory accounting apps in the Shopify ecosystem

  1. Stay on top of your inventory sales and inventory quantity numbers with a detailed dashboard view.
  2. Export your plan and dashboard views with forecasted metrics for the rest of the year for your finance and accounts team
  3. Connect your stores for the complete accounting overview across all Shopify stores
  4. Manage and export your purchase orders and production orders inside our Shopify app
  5. Generate reports for financial statements, tax purposes, and compliance with accounting standards.

We offer a 14-day free trial to help you get started with inventory account or switch from your existing app or software. 

2. Stock Take: Count Inventory

This Shopify app helps you to keep inventory count by manually counting inventory or scanning barcodes.

stock take count inventory accounting shopify app

Main features of this Shopify app

  • Easily count inventory by Shopify location, using a barcode scanner or physical count method.
  • Features offer options to count inventory simultaneously, and provide detailed inventory reports in CSV format for tracking stock values.

3. QuickBooks Online for small businesses

QuickBooks Online helps you to manage the finance of your inventory

quickbooks commerce inventory accounting

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Send customized invoices.
  • Become more confident in your cash flow.
  • This software can match receipts to expenses and invoices to income.

4. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory helps you to manage inventory and also helps you to fulfil orders

zoho inventory inventory accounting

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Adjust inventory levels for your accounting purpose
  • Integrate multiple sales channels for inventory accounting
  • Generate reports for your accounts and finance teams

Apart from Inventory accounting apps, we have also reviewed the best performing inventory management apps for Shopify D2C brands

5. Inventory Now

With the help of this software, businesses can easily track their products through their entire lifcycle.

inventory now inventory accounting software

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Help resellers track the products through the complete lifecycle right from Bought till Delivered
  • See the status of each inventory item being delivered, received or shipped
  • View or export invoices and receipts for your orders straight from the order screen.

6. NetSuite Inventory Software

This is a popular and a very old software that has been in the inventory accounting market for a long time

netsuite inventory account

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Gives inventory visibility across stores, warehouses and 3PL
  • Optimise inventory levels and product availability across channels
  • Able to secure required stock to fulfil anticipated orders without delay

7. CIN7 Software

CIN7 is an inventory accounting software that helps to track your business finance

cin7 inventory accounting software

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Track multiple data points from COGs, job costing, live stock levels, reordering alerts with inventory visibility across stores, warehouses and 3PL
  • Synchronize everything to your accounting system for a unified view
  • CIN7 does integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce

8. FreshBooks Inventory Accounting

FreshBooks also offers simple inventory accounting for small businesses

freshbooks inventory accounting

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Get professional invoicing for your inventory accounting
  • Integrations with 100+ apps to streamline work across teams
  • Accounting tools and reports show profitability, cash flow health, and details your spending.

9. Xero Inventory Accounting Software

xero inventory accounting software

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Keeps count of items that are in stock and records their value
  • Easily see best-selling and worst-selling items in account reports
  • Easily add items to accounting invoices

10. Brightpearl Accounting and Inventory Software

Brightpearl accounting and inventory software helps in increasing the efficiency by centralising operations

brightpearl inventory accounting software

Main features of this inventory accounting software

  • Streamline accounting processes such as creating invoices, recording payments, and tracking metrics
  • Lets you track accounts receivable and payable
  • Accounting software that integrates with bank accounts

Inventory accounting and tracking are related to each other. Once you have selected your inventory accounting app, it's important to find the right inventory tracking app for your Shopify store.

Choosing the right app is important, that's why at Prediko, we offer a 14-day trial with all features available. Our onboarding process is tailored to show you how we help D2C brands and businesses with inventory accounting needs.

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