Demand Forecasting Software & Tools for D2C Shopify in 2024

By Youri Moskovic
Last Updated:
July 18, 2024

An accurate demand forecasting lays down the foundation for D2C business efficiency and success. The right demand forecasting software plays a critical role in predicting customer demand, improving inventory management and optimising supply chain.

With many apps and software now available in the Shopify app ecosystem, selecting the right demand forecasting software is not a straightforward decision.

Why Prediko beats competition when it comes to 100% accurate demand planning

We have created an app that does really well on multiple aspects of demand planning

  • Accuracy and reliability: Prediko’s AI has been trained on 25 million SKUs from 15+ industries. That’s why we are able to generate accurate demand plans for Shopify brands from different industries.

  • Integration capabilities: Prediko integrates in just 1-click with Shopify to pick up historical sales trends and generate demand. Prediko also integrates with ShipHero, Bundles(.)app, Shopify Bundles, Etsy (through third-party app) and Faire (through third-party app) 

  • Scalability and flexibility: The right inventory management tool must scale with your business, offering customizable features for various market conditions.
    That’s why our pricing scales only when revenue scales.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our demand plan interface is very straightforward to use. You input your numbers for the year and our app generates a demand plan for you.

We have also tested and reviewed other demand planning software on the internet. These are of the top 10 that make it to our list.

A list of Demand Planning Software Tried on Actual Stores

Here's a quick overview of the top demand planning software, with multiple features, inbuilt analytics, and user satisfaction:

  1. Atlas Planning: App that offers end-to-end supply chain management solutions, facilitating forecasting and optimised inventory levels.
  2. Blue Ridge: Blue Ridge provides analytics to improve forecasting accuracy and supply chain performance.
  3. Channel Demand Forecasting: Tailored for businesses with complex supply chains, this tool makes forecasting across multiple channels.
  4. IBM Planning Analytics: Utilises machine learning to offer analytics and planning capabilities, suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  5. Invent Analytics: Offers innovative solutions for inventory optimization and demand forecasting, leveraging advanced data analytics.
  6. Kinaxis RapidResponse: Delivers real-time supply chain planning and analytics, enabling decision-making and improved operational efficiency
  7. RELEX Solutions: Specialises in retail optimization, combining demand forecasting with inventory management to reduce waste and increase availability
  8. SAP Integrated Business Planning: A cloud-based solution that integrates supply chain planning in real-time, from sales and operations planning to inventory optimization
  9. Oracle Demand Planning Cloud: Provides a complete demand forecasting solution, integrating machine learning to predict and shape demand effectively
  10. Vanguard Predictive Planning: Offers an integrated platform for advanced analytics, collaborative planning, and AI-driven forecasting

Most of these apps offer a free trial. How do you choose the best app for your use-case? 
Choose an app that helps you accurately forecast inventory.

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