Create your custom revenue plan, using Prediko insights

Be as high-level or as detail-orientated as you wish. With our flexible planning tool, you can forecast revenues, input custom events and edit up to SKU level assumptions. It’s about the information that matters to you.

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Create your revenue plan picture

Create your revenue plan

Forecast revenue for the year with Prediko’s intelligent planning tool. We help you compute growth & seasonality to distribute sales up to SKU level.

Input upcoming events

Account for product launch and removal as well as growth initiatives like performance marketing and pop-up stores with Prediko’s event functionality.

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Understand the impact on your inventory illustration

Understand the impact on your inventory

Review how your revenue plan adjustments impact your inventory sales distribution and buying cycle.

Feel confident in your Plan with no guesswork

Jessica Warch, founder at Kimaï
“Our forecasting is more accurate which helps preventing
stock outs and overstock”
Jessica Warch
Founder at Kimaï